Quick reference guide

The Life Insurance Code of Practice (the Code) was launched on 1 July 2017. The Code sets out mandatory standards of service in the Australian life insurance industry for those companies that voluntarily subscribe. There are currently 22 companies who subscribe to the Code.


Guiding principles of the Code

The Code has been developed to:

  • Promote high standards of service to customers
  • Maintain a benchmark of consistency within the industry
  • Establish a framework for professional behaviour and responsibilities


Life Code Compliance Committee (Life CCC)

The Life CCC is the independent body that monitors and enforces the Code. Please let us know if you are concerned that your insurer has breached the Code. You can report suspected breaches on our website or by email on [email protected].


Key sections of the Code that may affect you

This Life Insurance Code of Practice

  • Aims of the Life Code
  • Scope of the Life Code
  • Insurers and third parties

Policy design, advertising and sales standards

  • Policies we design will be clear, easy to understand and up to date
  • Advertising and sales practices

Communicating with you

  • Documents and notices

Buying a Life Insurance Policy

  • Underwriting decisions
  • Offering insurance
  • Policy cancellations


  • Communication during a claim
  • Required information
  • Claim decisions

Supporting customers experiencing vulnerability or financial hardship

  • Customers experiencing vulnerability
  • Financial hardship


  • Making a Complaint
  • Handling your Complaint

Life Code governance

  • CALI and the Life CCC
  • Breaches and sanctions


  • General definitions
  • Medical definitions

Moratorium on Genetic Tests in Life Insurance

Supporting customers experiencing a Mental Health Condition

Would you like more information about the Code?

The Life Insurance Code of Practice covers these key areas and other scenarios you may face as a holder of a Life Insurance Policy. You can read a full copy of the Codes here:

Life Insurance Code of Practice 2.1 (29 September 2023 onwards)

Life Insurance Code of Practice 2.0 (1 July 2023 – 28 September 2023)

Life Insurance Code of Practice 1.0 (1 July 2017 – 30 June 2023)