Information for subscribers to the Life Insurance Code of Practice

As a subscriber to the Life Insurance Code of Practice (the Code), you will work with the Life Code Compliance Committee (Life CCC) to maintain service standards that meet the needs of consumers who purchase your insurance policies. You agree to uphold the conditions of the Code and understand there may be consequences if you fail to do so.

For the Code to be effective, consumers must be aware that it exists and that they can refer to the Life CCC if they believe you have not complied with your obligations. You must inform consumers about the Code on your website and in any marketing material.

How does the Life CCC work with subscribers?

The Life CCC  works with insurers to improve their compliance with the Code  and the service they provide to consumers. We do this by monitoring compliance, working with you to address Code breaches, and providing comprehensive compliance guidance.

Compliance monitoring

Subscriber compliance will be monitored in a few ways.

  • Self-reported breaches
  • Referrals from consumers of alleged breaches
  • Targeted investigation of specific aspects of the Code

Annual Data Compliance Programme

Industry data can provide insights into emerging trends, issues, and risks. This information helps to support improved decision-making and better outcomes. This is why the Life CCC has established the Annual Data and Compliance Programme (ADCP). The ADCP will enable us to efficiently and effectively collect, analyse, and report on compliance data across all subscribers for specific reporting periods.


The Life CCC will make determinations on matters being investigated and advise subscribers accordingly. If corrective action is required, the Life CCC will work with you to agree on an outcome and timeframe to remedy a breach of the Code. De-identified determinations may be used to provide guidance on Code obligations to other subscribers.


The Life CCC has the power to impose sanctions on subscribers, but only in specific circumstances;

  • after a subscriber has failed to implement the corrective measures to address a Code breach within agreed timeframes, or
  • where the committee fails to reach agreement in a reasonable time with a subscriber about the corrective action to be taken to address a Code breach.

The Life CCC will publish sanctions imposed on insurers on our website.

 See the list of organisations who have committed to the Code on our website.